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Wow. I’m sure you’ve all seen this girl’s fantastic tardis dress floating around here the last week or so. She hand painted the inside and everything, and she just looks plain great. But of course, I see it posted on facebook, and the slew of comments begin.

I don’t think it’s a mystery as to why I, as a bigger girl, spend the week before a convention crying because I’m so nervous about what people are going to say about me just because I want to dress up and have fun like everyone else. And there is something really, really fucking wrong with that.

All I could think of when I saw the first bit was, “Oh my god, what a brilliant and creative idea, she looks perfect.”

Then the comments.

What the fucking shit.

This is why I greatly admire fat babes in cosplay. I am not a part of the “scene” but admire from afar, their strength and ability to tell misogynistic fat-phobes to FUCK OFF by simply existing.

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    She looks as The Doctor would say “Brilliant!” And the TARDIS is still sexy as always 😂
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    Seriously! This is without a doubt amazing and she is beautiful! Why do people think that just because someone is “fat”...
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    Whovians of Tumblr, I love you so much.To the clever girl with the hand painted TARDIS dress: you look beautiful....
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    I sat here freaking out about how INCREDIBLE this dress is, and then I read the comments, and my heart sunk :(
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    After looking at the comments used it’s clear that most are boys not men, and boys have no idea what they really want. ”...
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    She is her very own brand of gorgeous, she is creative, she is talented, and she deserves every bit of praise and love....
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    SO clever! I wish i had this much ingenuity in Design class in High School! And she only makes it look better by...
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