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“Weight does not dictate your health or your worth.”

… what? Really? Seriously? I’m pretty fucking sure it DEFINITELY dictates your health. In fact it plays a vital role in dictating your health. Who the fuck wrote this? This is fucking ludicrous.


Sure it is possible to be healthy at every size. There are people who would be considered morbidly obese who are as healthy as someone at their ideal weight. Though it isn’t common.

Moreover what you’re recommending is dangerous. If someone is overweight because of diet, not simply a lack of exercise, you’re excusing them from eating properly. There are no ifs ands or buts regarding a healthy diet. Eating foods high in saturated fats, cholesterol, calories, and sodium (though a study recently published found those with higher sodium intakes lived longer, but you can’t ignore years of evidence based on one study) is dangerous.

If people gained weight like sumo wrestlers i.e. non-visceral fat this wouldn’t be an issue and I’d agree with you completely. The issue is visceral fat is quite dangerous. Now if you advocated “exercise and eat healthier” I’d say you were spot on.

You may not be here to argue, but you’re making dangerous statements when you say stop dieting and that is COMPLETELY irresponsible. There is mounds of proof thanks to research regarding diet and health. Being fat isn’t necessarily a death knoll for obese people but the way in which one tends to become fat (sans genetics or some factor beyond an individuals control such as disease), that is poor diet, is irrefutable for health risks.

Oh yes, by suggesting people find health, wellness and happiness within themselves by accepting their bodies exactly how they are, I am obviously putting the entire fucking world at risk.

God forbid I promote body acceptance and improved mental health in the face of a world filled with people suffering from eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and other countless mental illnesses that prevent people from truly accepting themselves as they are, because the visual media at large promotes a body image ideal that doesn’t even exist to sell dangerous diet products that fucking kill.

How dare I propose that dieting often doesn’t work, and instead promote intuitive eating and exercise based on positive feelings and movement rather than exercising with weight loss goals in mind, which can often lead to guilt and disappointment when the weight doesn’t come off. 

I’m done with you. Read my fucking blog and learn something.

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