RBI focuses on using expressive writing, design-oriented work, photography, media, research, and community input to fuel fat positive, body acceptance, discussion, and outreach. Our goal is to redefine the way we view and think about body image, size, fat, discrimination, health, fitness, wellness, mental/chronic illness, stigma, and other related topics.

We are constantly redefining our own perspectives, and therefore tend to write a lot about our personal experiences. Many followers and contributors are living with anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphic disorder, depression, and a variety of other body image disorders or mental illnesses, so please be respectful and remember that health applies differently to everyone. Any and all potentially triggering content will be prefaced with a trigger warning.

RBI supports all races, genders, classes, and sizes. We try our best to make this a safe space for everyone. If we are not doing our job or checking our privilege, we invite you to please inform us.

Some of the artwork you see here has been created by our founder or moderators, some sourced when applicable. Please be kind enough to source this blog whenever you share it's content.

We are not health professionals. Any and all advice provided on this blog is supported only by our own research, studies, and personal experiences; nothing more.

This blog is part of the Safe Space Network.
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Dear Tumblr, I need your help. If anything I’ve ever written or posted or said or did has ever impacted your life in a positive way, please read on. 

A small donation could mean keeping my family safe from violence and homelessness.
Every little bit helps.

The short version: my mom and my sister and my nephew were left homeless after my sister was assaulted in the home where they were staying. My grandmother died unexpectedly this week so they cannot stay with her (where they normally go in times of trouble). I am paying to keep them in a motel until the 29th of October but after that I am out of money. They need to keep a roof over their heads while they search for resources, meet with their social worker, and do everything else they can think of to secure longer-term housing for them and my baby nephew.

You can donate now at www.youcaring.com/helpmargitte (because fuck gofundme).

The long version:

Back in May, my 25-year-old sister Molly gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jericho. He is her first child, and my mother’s first grandbaby. 

Because he was born slightly premature and my sister, a single mom, needed extra help, my mother moved in with them to support her. 

Everything was going wonderfully at first. Jericho gained weight at a healthy pace, rarely cried, and was a generally happy and well-adjusted baby. My mom and my sister became a great co-parenting team, supporting each other, making sure they didn’t miss a single appointment, and providing all of the love, care, and attention Jericho needed.

But then my sister was physically assaulted by one of the male adults living in their home. He broke her nose, ruptured her eardrum, and gave her a concussion. 

Needless to say, my sister and my mother moved out. At first they went to my grandmother’s (Jericho’s great-grandma), but her senior living apartment managers wouldn’t let them stay. (In an unrelated series of events, my grandmother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away last week, and we are all still figuring out how to cope without her.)

Currently, my mom and sister and baby Jericho are staying at a motel that I am paying for out of pocket—but I only have enough money to keep them there through next Wednesday. 

That’s where you come in. 

My mom and my sister are spending their days searching for resources and getting on waiting lists for low-income housing. They have a social worker and others helping them out, but they need more time. 

I’m trying to raise enough money to keep them there for a full month or longer ($2000+) while they continue their search for other options. They also need gas money, food (they have a full kitchen in their motel room), and other essentials for them and the baby (diapers, money for laundry, etc.). 

Raising this money could mean the difference between them finding a place to live for good and being completely homeless. 

Thank you for considering donating to my family and helping me help them. And if you can’t donate, I’d love for you to share this with others. My family could really use a miracle right about now.



Tumblr I am officially blown away by your kindness and willingness to give to complete strangers. In less than 24 hours we’ve raised just under half of what we need! I am speechless! 

We’ve seen donations from $2 all the way up to $300, from people I’ve never met before. My mom and my sister having been crying, they are beside themselves. THANK YOU.

And please, if you can donate—do! Their safety is so important and every little bit counts. This means the world to me.

Please share and donate!

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[Image: Box that says Netflix. Underneath is the Netflix suggestion box that has been edited to say Disability Films by Disabled Creators. See All]

Are you less than excited about the new show Red Band Society? Did you think Mozart and the Whale was ridiculous? Do people keep suggesting that you watch The Miracle Worker and Forest Gump, as if those are disability bibles and not just inspiration porn?

Make a change! Tell Netflix that we want more disability films by disabled creators! We want fiction, scifi, fantasy, documentaries, cartoons, whatever - just let us represent ourselves!

We have 250 signatures! Help us get to 300!




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A nice thing to come home to every day.
photo by devon

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introducing: mogaimuslims 

assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! peace and blessings upon all of you. 

welcome to mogamuslims !! this is intended to be a safe space and community zone for all muslims who are of marginalized orientations, gender alignments, and are intersex, (better known as LGBTQIAP+ muslims)

this blog was made specifically to be more inclusive and accessible. insha Allah we will provide a means of comfort for all mogai muslims who are in need of it.

we’re still a new blog, so we’re not very developed. however, signal boosts from all parties would be appreciated ! 



Lovely and comfy autumny outfit. I love those sunglasses <3


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Instagram and tumblr friends, this means you, too!

HEY do it.

Marianne is an excellent editor to work with.

Do the thing. 


a list for myself, and maybe you, too

  • emotions come and go like fog. this will pass. you are strong. you’ve done this before. you’ve been here before.
  • it’s okay to buy fancy soap or nice smelling lotion or a comfy new sweater or whatever makes you feel better right now.
  • sleeping, eating, drinking water, and trying to be active (even if that means walking up the stairs to brush your teeth) are victories. celebrate that shit. remember what you can do, not what you can’t.





Are they joking? Fuck right the fuck off.

This is so creepy. I mean the girls one says doctor on it too. So they’re not really implying that girls can’t be doctors. They’re implying that boys can’t be nurses. Which I really think is demeaning to a profession that is SO fucking important.

if you look closely the red set has a female toon that is a nurse, so they are, its probably an error that doctor is on the red set

Nah they’ll keep “doctor” in the title to keep the page hits coming but it may as well be invisible.


there is no reason to paint your face like a sugar skull for halloween because culture is not a costume. dia de los muertos is not halloween.

there is a big difference between skulls and sugar skulls

this is a-ok!

v pretty!

this is 100% not

v racist

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For structures that have no entry steps, ConvertaStep also makes ramps of three sizes that come in a manual as well as automatic version.

(via ConvertaStep | Wheelchair Accessibility | Ramps | Convertastep - Freedom In Mobility)

This welcome mat converts into a fully accessible wheelchair ramp. Beautiful and functional design. I want it.

Some more info, for people who are interested.

First of all, I can’t believe this has almost 3,000 notes. I’m so glad that people are sharing this - both as a cool design, and also as an important accessibility feature.

Thanks to pseudosoph for linking to additional info (above) regarding weight limits, lift height, and product background — the creator is a wheelchair user himself! Very cool stuff. Keep sharing!


My contribution to Fats in Crop Tops 2k14! ;)


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My poster for BFRB Awareness Week 2014! I suck at taking pictures of myself, and thus the lack of a proper smile, haha.

Print off your poster to fill out here: http://www.canadianbfrb.org/get-involved/bfrb-awareness-week-2014/ and then share them everywhere, but be sure to let canadianbfrb know that you did one because we’re going to do something awesome with them!

Much love, guys! Let’s keep it going!

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There has been a standard set that suggests big girls cannot get away with wearing “oversized” or “shapeless” garments. This has been brought to my attention over the years through conventional media outlets and regurgitated by the general populace, people in my life and on the Internet, etc.

When it comes to thin bodies, it’s alright; skeletal frames cannot be disguised, there’s just no question about it. Drape away, no one will think any fatter of you. (Think for instance: The Twins of Olsen.)

But fat people mustn’t enhance their largeness with fluffy warmth and the opportunity to layer during the coldest months of the year while looking and feeling fabulous. We must wear the fitted coats with belts and tailored waists or risk being read as fatter than we already are.

So what if I was?

Fuck illusions. This coat fits my arms and shoulders perfectly, it doesn’t drown me but gives me room to layer, and it’s practical. Michigan winters are nothing to sneer at.

I am a wookie goddess. I am going to be the warmest motherfucker on the planet.

Who knew a faux fur could bring such personal revolution?

Hello to everyone who is still with us as we seek to redefine body image and the social issues that branch forth.

For a little while our space has been less inter-active. I am the leader and founder, so that inaction lies on my shoulders. 

Life is filled to the brim, though I am finding opportunities on the horizon.

This is my round-about way of saying that I look forward to spending more time growing RBI.

I have been working on some art again and I am pondering ways to sell it, project it, spread new messages and create new conversations.

I plan to open for submissions soon. To pique your interest and get you thinking, if you’d like to participate in any of our projects, we are always looking for:

• High resolution, print quality photos

That’s it. The main materials I work with are photos and typography and sometimes my ability to capture photos is limited, so if I have your permission to use your work, and you don’t mind being a part of a vague art project that I haven’t totally fleshed out yet…That’d be FABULOUS!

Subject matter should relate to the content of our blog (ie. body image, skin “imperfections,” concepts relating to feminism, intersectionalism, social stigma, chronic or mental health, etc.)

(emailed to haleycue@gmail.com)

I’ll check in later as I’ve got more to show. There will be an official announcement for submissions then. Thanks, all. 

Much love,

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If you believe that my people will bend their knee to the Chantry, dear Knight Commander, then I suggest you pray to your Maker that you leave my country alive.

My name is Josephine D’Lancret.

I am the Queen of Rivain

And we will not be moved