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Sorry I’m so behind on my Autostraddle posts for Most Important Ugly. The past two weeks have been the busiest of my life and I’m burned out, to be honest. I’ll try to get another one up Monday. These are the ones that have gone up so far. 

We already took the exhibit down IRL but I promise 2 get back to posting it, I just felt hella burned out for the past few days and haven’t been working (as much).





Nedra Phillips wearing Tia Lyn @ The Annual Full Figured Fashion Week NYC 2014

shes looks so gooooodd

Yessss girl💁


the look is determined.


Floral Crowns and bra burning. 

#feminisminaction #theendoftheworld #floralfisting #endpatriarchy 


Mismatching Eyes

The advantages of having heterochromia; applying opposite colored eyeshadow to make my eyes pop and contrast even more. Groovy mutation~

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Livin cute in flower leggings

Top - Macy’s

Purse - Macy’s

Leggings - Forever 21 Plus

Earrings - Thrifted

Necklace - Forever 21

Flats - Lane Bryant



[content warning: suicide ideation, sexual assault, emotional abuse, street harassment, online abuse]

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know a bit about me and the things I face dealing with a great deal of violence online (some in response to this blog existing; some in response to me existing), from anti-Blackness/racism/sexism etc. and misogynoiristic trolling to the rape threats, death threats, doxxing threats and now even libel. However, what you may not know is this violence is mirrored offline as well, and not solely via microaggressive harassment in public space or the gendered/sexual violence that is street harassment—which I’ve experienced for 23 years as of this month—but in terms of violence because of where I live.

I live in the city I grew up in again, and it is difficult to live in; a place about 25K below average family income in the U.S. But it’s also difficult because I don’t live alone (when I used to pre-recession; alone is the only way I can live, from what I’ve experienced) and I don’t feel safe because of dealing with a great deal of emotional abuse, from having doors purposely left open and me waking up in a panic as a survivor of sexual assault, to people in the home while I am asleep and waking up in a panic again. I wake up in panic perhaps 6 out of 7 days a week and I already have Anxiety and PTSD. And my depression is back. 

I do not get good sleep ever unless physically somewhere else, whether a recent pleasant staycation that I wrote about, to an even more recent emergency survivalcation that I took because that day (this past Wednesday) it was either run or suicide. It was. I deal with invasion of space, lack of privacy and no sense of safety whatsoever. There is no peace. Ever. I then leave this place daily to be street harassed from being demanded to smile despite carrying around all of this emotional weight on my back to being verbally or even physically assaulted and threatened during street harassment. Then I return to this place for more emotional abuse. Or I turn on social media mostly to be abused online (though a few kind people I interact with online as well).

There’s other factors that are too painful to discuss, but basically it’s like domestic violence (though it’s not “intimate partner violence,” it can still be emotional abuse in a non-romantic domestic situation) and I’m at the point where I thought I could wait to save and move but I’m not sure I’ll be alive long enough to do so. Further, because I am not the “rock” right now among some people who know me offline, they are further abusing me because how dare I not be a “mammy” to feel their pain and solve all their problems (which mirrors much of my online experience). I am only entitled to their  ”love” as long as I coddle them and the moment I am not healthy enough to do so, I am immediately and vociferously betrayed. (Please believe that violence as emotional abuse exists outside of romantic or sexual romantic relationships.)

I know safety is mostly an illusion, especially as a Black woman, believe me. But even so, space, privacy, a security system and a slightly better neighborhood would go a long way. I’m not necessarily trying to buy “happiness” (as I wrote about in detail before) but I am trying to move by the time I return from out of state on August 8th. (Another escape trip because I have to try to be somewhere safe and happy for as many days as possible.) I’m not sure I can manage to remain on Earth much past that date in the current residential/city situation that I am in, on top of dealing with online abuse and public harassment including street harassment. I need at least one space to just “be” and a small safer place with alarm would help. A new space, enough $ for mental health care and extended break from social media after the first two happen would help me live.

I was gonna make GoFundMe but as I wrote about before, I don’t want to risk the attention (if you know me, you know I find hypervisibility to be very violent most of the time) and then deal with the threats I dealt with 8 months ago when I raised money for my brother after he was violently attacked. I know so many people think Black people and Black women in particular deserve violence and harm, (I mean, everyone is socialized to think so; it’s something we unlearn) so it doesn’t make sense to make an official fundraiser so that people see an amount collected and then decide I’m not “worth” that amount and then harm me or harm anyone who chooses to donate.

Instead, I will use my PayPal button on my blog and if you’re interested in helping me move, it’s greatly appreciated. Obviously I’ll have to raise a few thousand to add to what I have to move because as a freelancer who isn’t at an abusive but deemed “stable” corporate job anymore, as I was pre-recession before I was laid off, I have to put more money up front and there’s no “lease specials” and such for someone in my situation. I need enough to pay several months up front and some super inexpensive and simple furniture. Hopefully this problem, which yes, is solvable by money (not that all problems are; this one is; safer place to live and new mental health care require money), will be resolved by the date I need it to be.

*DONATE to support my move to safety and health*

I just want to be able to sleep at night. And be away from some abusive people. And have this happen sooner than later. That’s all. Trying to stay alive I guess; last straw I guess. Other than this I feel very…done. I don’t know.

If you are able to help, thank you. Means a lot. It’s really life or death. If it wasn’t, I would not have written this. In fact, I’m always very open on my blog but I still hid most of this particular situation away.

(And if you don’t want to help, don’t believe me, don’t care, or think I deserve harm, that’s fine—it doesn’t surprise me—but please keep that to yourself or keep that on your own blog; thanks. Just asking that any dissent or violence be kept away from this one post.)

Help her out. Share. Signal boost!

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Hello lovlies!

My name is Stephanie, and I am a plus size beauty/fashion blogger from
Chicago. I am also body positive and really love the community. I’ve
submitted myself to various body positive blogs and have met many
amazing people that I had the pleasure of connecting with. I truly
believe that the body positive community has made me feel better about
myself. It is so comforting to know that they’re people out there like
myself, and that I am not alone.

Since I’ve been getting more into blogging, I have recieved many
messages from people who are struggling with body image and just want
someone to talk too. I always keep my ask open because of this and reply
to people as quickly as I can. Unfortunately, I am not all knowing of
everything and feel that I can’t really help some people. I’ve been
wresling ideas about how to deal with this, and finally decided on
making a tinychat. I think this would be the best solution, because
it’ll be a place where people can come, share their stories, and connect
with other people…In real time!

A little information about tinychat, if you don’t know. Tinychat is
basically a chat room that is capable of holding a mass amount of
people. The people that join the room can broadcast themselves via
webcam or just by using their voice. It’s not a requirement to broadcast
yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable its totally ok! I’ll be
broadcasting myself via webcam and voice(maybe…I distest my voice but
I’ll try xD). You can also upload youtube videos so we could have music
in the background, or just play funny videos.

My main goal for this room is just to have people connect with each
other and feel like they’re not alone. Because I know that feeling all
too well. It isn’t fun.

So if this feels like something you’ll be interested, then please follow
my tumblr so you’ll see the post on when it’ll go live. I’m still weary
of the date and time, so if you have any suggestions then send me a
message! Right now, I’m thinking about saturday evening.

My tumblr:

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you there!
Love you all,



The final line to present was Chubby Cartwheels, who served some serious kitschy-chic style. The collection was full of crop tops, leather/pleather skirts, and campy food based prints, such as french fries and doughnuts. There were also lots of sheers and a little bit of leopard. This collection pretty much thumbed it’s nose at every fashion rule in the book, and the results were perfect.”

Loved what they had to say!  Check out the article to see pieces from all the amazing designers at the event!  So much amazing fat fashion!

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I follow @KristyT on Twitter and she let me know about a project that she created with @tiffani (#DetroitWater) to help Detroit residents with their water costs. Their website is detroitwaterproject.org and there you can confidentially donate to cover a person’s bill. 

Detroit has the highest percentage of Black residents compared to any other major U.S. city, and as I wrote about in Black In The 99%, race is most certainly forever intertwined with class and poverty; these cannot be extracted from each other, especially in a country where its very financial system and imperialistic power would not exist without enslavement and genocide. There is no way to extract the economic violence being committed upon Detroit residents from racial histories. 

According to RH Reality Check, "in Detroit, the cost of water is nearly twice the national average, and approximately half of the city’s customers owe outstanding balances on their water bills. But let’s situate this against a broader historical and sociopolitical backdrop. By 2011, half of Detroit’s working-age population was unemployed, and only 27 percent had full-time work. Nearly one in five Detroit residents were below the poverty line. Approximately three in five children were living in households headed by single mothers (see Rose Brewer’s article on the prison industrial complex). Moreover, these statistics are significantly worse for the city’s Black and Latino residents.” 

People simply cannot go without water and while this entire situation is larger than just “unpaid bills” but are acts of violence against these residents amidst larger economic and racial disenfranchisement, with the recent 15 day suspension on the human-made drought, hopefully no other excuses can be used to harm these people if they’re able to pay the bills. This isn’t about lack of “personal responsibility” creating negligence over a “luxury” but about systemic poverty, capitalism, privatization and WATER. 

Again, if you want to support Detroit residents through a confidential donation via this fundraiser created by two thoughtful Black women, visit: detroitwaterproject.org.


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"This is my first cabbage! You know, a lot of times they’re kind of soft, but this one is solid! It’s going to be good eatin’!" 
"What are you going to make with it?"
"Well, this one I’m giving to my parents. You have to give the first one away or you just spoil the whole spirit of gardening."